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        lotem quantum 800 - TH2 - Elite press GmbH -
        lotem quantum 800 - TH2 - Elite press GmbH -
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        Lotem 800 Quantum :Square-spot imaging and ultra-precise registration

        The Lotem 800 Quantum CTP device features Square-spot imaging technology—the foundation for accurate and consistent press work.
        Square-spot delivers end-to-end imaging integrity from the original file through to the press despite normal plate-imaging variables such as laser power, plate emulsion sensitivity, and processor variation. The Lotem 800 Quantum device ensures precise fit and registration, from plate to plate and machine to machine, with automatic correction for temperature-related plate expansion and contraction, and for geometric differences between platesetters.
        This machine offer with 2 Auto loader Cassette and Thermal head II [TH2] .

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